Surrender to life – Observing the labels

Clouds over a blue sky. The leaves of the trees dancing with the waves of the invisible wind.

A dog, a cat and a bird. A spider, a flower, and a snail. The smell of the humid earth.

Silence over the sound of nature and the surrender of the leaves falling out of the trees.

Life and death happening at the same time without us noticing it.

Our mind, thoughts, beliefs,  judgments, and observations over reality.

The sunshine, the rain, and the grass growing like the kids who wander around.

Boys and girls. Men and women. Young and old people. All different and the same. Figuring this life out.

Colours and shadows. Movement and stillness.

Appearances and scary realities.

All those things, just LABELS.

We keep moving and believing our beliefs. Yet there is so much more to unveil.

We decide how to tell our story. We paint it with colours or dark blurry lines. We show it to others.

We brag, we show off or victimise ourselves. We need to reinforce our identity and self-esteem.

We are part of the wonders of nature. However, we forget to trust it when things are not the way we want.

We are generous and selfish. Fearful and fearless based on the occasion.

We know we really do not know. Yet we have to have enough reasons to continue existing.

We laugh and cry. We do not know why we have this gift call life. But we must be grateful.

I say let’s be teachers and students. Let’s have faith but let’s also choose surrender over attachment.

Let’s trust LIFE. Let’s experience life and evolve from heart to soul through every challenge in our path.

Eagle pose

Eagle pose or Garudasana. Connecting with the energy of this animal. Looking for balance, strength, and clarity. 38 weeks pregnant.





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