Vulnerability and warmer days

How often do you feel vulnerable? How often do you accept vulnerability in your life without complaining?

I’m feeling vulnerable these days. I have doubts about many things, but I know doubts are temporary.

Everything is unfolding with uncertainty. I’m letting go of the illusion of control. I’m breathing deeply.

Sometimes I procrastinate, others I do things in advance. And from time to time I get paralysed.

Every day I feel like I am jumping into the unknown, even after the pandemic somehow “ended”.

Society has a way of making you feel uncertain, sometimes even uncomfortable.

Everything is in constant change and you can only hold on to every breath.

This summer I invite you to develop a relationship with your breath.

Go outside and breathe. Go for a walk, go for a jog.

Go and practice yoga or meditation.

Be mindful of your presence and vulnerability.

Cry if you have to.

Be there for yourself.

Let the warmer days fill your heart.

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