The voices inside of me

There’s a voice inside of me… A voice that tells me to write what she says, what she feels… Sometimes she appears while I am driving or drinking a cup of tea. She’s like a wise old woman; an observer in my life; although sometimes she’s quiet, she is always there… I can sense her but I can’t say exactly who she is… I feel she comes from the deepest part of my true nature.

There’s another voice that sometimes takes over… I know that harsh voice is my inner critic, it’s full of fear and anxiety… It makes me question what others think about me. However, this voice usually forgets to put healthy limits and boundaries.

Sometimes in the silence of a long night and the full moon illuminating my bedroom, I begin questioning everything while observing my daily feelings and experiences. Then I write everything in my mind; some of that ends up on paper; some of that is posted online, and I wonder the same all the time:

What does excite my soul and makes me want to live my life fully? That’s the question that I keep asking myself. I know I need to find the right answers. I need to feed my soul with the right food.

One of the voices replies: It’s about the sunshine on my face, the grass helping me ground my feet into the earth as if we were one, and the flow of my temporary body on the yoga mat when there are no expectations nor judges… but at the same time it’s so much more than that.

There are two voices inside of me, and in the end, the one that wins is the one I feed.

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