Lessons I learned after giving birth

Things I learned from my birth story:

Giving birth is a natural thing, but the sensations you experience are from another world.

You have an animal instinct within you. You are an animal with a sophisticated mind.

Time can become an abstract concept because you can not escape “Here and Now”.

Your body is a machine guided by a wise force you can not fully understand. It must become your friend.

You need to train your body and mind to a certain degree, then learn to respect their intelligence.

Your mind will always question everything and ask Why? (over and over) even if it can not find an answer.

If it hurts more than you could have imagined, you need to find new sources of strength.

Just listen and experience what it is happening, even if it is more than expected.

Nothing matters more than your well-being to enjoy life. Be grateful for what you have now.

You need to stop complaining so much about silly things. Life could always be much harder.

 Your body and mind are the bosses of one aspect of reality. There are many realities.

Things I am learning from my newborn baby:

There is an intelligence that makes a human being develop without your intervention.

You can only give attention and support, but the mystery of life will take over the rest.

Smiling and crying is normal; you can not expect eternal happiness.

Life comes with challenges since the beginning; even the basics can be complicated.

Everybody must carry their own pain and learn from it. Pain makes you stronger if you let it.

To be continued…


15-minute audio recorded by Lady Jerez

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