My Wellness First

Improve your wellness by practing yoga, journaling, mindfully planning your weeks and buying items that are meaningful to you. Find your way back to your soul and connect with your true nature.

  • €75

    The mindful yogi

    • – PDF My wellness first planner/journal
    • Holistic poster of your preference
    • – Access to 2 yoga playlists (14 classes for wellness and the chakras system)
    • – 1-to-1 yoga class and wellness guidance (LIVE)
    • – OR upgrade to the 7-week yoga journey 1-to-1
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  • €20 to €50

    Monthly LIVE Yoga

    Depending on classes you take
    • – Daily classes with a team of instructors
    • – Mondays and Wednesdays with Lady 7pm
    • – Recording available if paying monthly subscription.
    • – First week for FREE
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