This new year choose wisely – From the heart

In a world where everybody wants to communicate something, choose wisely where to put your attention (your sacred energy).

Where are you putting your attention right now? While reading this email take a moment to PAUSE; take a nice deep breath through the nose. RESET your mind of any stress or anxiety with each mindful breath. You are ALIVE (despite everything you’ve been through – Well done!).

As I often say in class: Where is the energy in your body? Can you distribute it evenly here and now (wherever you are)? I’m doing that little exercise at this moment while I write this message… 

I’ve been busy. I’ve moved houses. I’ve managed to publish a book (in Spanish). I’m working part-time for an interior design company – doing copywriting, management, and learning about interesting topics. I’m still teaching yoga in Swords, but I’m planning an entirely new holistic project to develop in 2023. All that while I’m raising a 5-year-old girl 🙂

I want to continue exploring the writing world, letting my soul express itself, and motivating others to do the same. For instance, journaling is a big part of this process:

Today I want to INVITE YOU to sit for a few minutes with a piece of paper and pen at hand. BREATHE and WRITE how you feel right now. Let the pen flow and express your deepest thoughts, then read your words aloud. What kind of emotions can you sense in those letters? Don’t judge, just OBSERVE. 

Can you make a small effort and visualise LOVE and LIGHT entering your system from the crown and radiating from your heart centre? You deserve it. Try it again as many times as possible, and let me know how it goes.

I really hope this email reaches your awakening soul and helps you and me to stay connected beyond physical barriers.

I wish you a harmonious life and a splendid new year.


Lady Nina


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