Identity Transformation: New Mum & Certified Yoga Teacher

I found myself on my yoga mat, 36 weeks pregnant and going through my asana manual, checking the poses that I still can do and those that I haven’t practiced in ages. People say I won’t be the same after having my child. It is kind of scary, but you know what? We are always transforming ourselves and that is what makes me continue my practice even though it doesn’t look the way it was a few months ago. It has been an interesting journey, and I am sure it is just the beginning of a challenging path and new identity: new mum and certified yoga teacher.

We are constantly reassuring our identity as a way of defining ourselves (our ego). One of my favourite authors, Eckhart Tolle, talks a lot about this in his books. I believe it doesn’t harm us to accept those identities unless we get too attached to them. In the end, we are so much more than our physical bodies, so we have to be mindful and open to unveil the mysteries of our existence and the real purpose of all the stages of our life. Of course taking care of the body and mental health is essential (that’s why we practice asanas!).

During pregnancy, for example, many people tell you to enjoy each moment of the process. And yes, I generally tend to look at the brighter side of things. However, I think sometimes it is ok to recognise pain in peace. When something is painful, it is painful (you can tell people about it, but it is not necessarily a complaint, it is just an experience of the body). Nobody can really enjoy pain or bad feelings, but you can experience them mindfully and then watch their transformation because they are also temporary situations (which doesn’t make them less real).

That’s how I prepare for my yogic labour. Don’t think I will be in my best mood, I know myself… I plan to use the techniques I have learned so far. I think I will allow my emotions and instincts to be as pure as they like to be. I want to observe my egos and take the experience as it comes. I will report back as soon as the Big Day happens 🙂 Meanwhile, I keep staring at my asana manual and yoga mat, thinking about the next variation I will create to make my practice as relaxing or challenging as I like it to be, observing my aches and enjoying the sacred role my body is taking at the moment.

Next step (post-partum): Creating a special yoga sequence for the first group of students I will teach after recovering and becoming a completely new human being (apparently, with some mum superpowers!).
-This *might* happen in December or January @ Samadhi Yoga Studios, Dublin- Hope to see you there!-

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