Yoga, A Path of Trust? Beyond the physical body…

Can you really trust the universe or God’s plans?
Can you at least completely trust yourself?

I recently asked myself those questions… I hesitated for more than a second, and sadly I realised I didn’t fully trust Life, God, or The Universe… even though I wanted to believe it with all my heart. Why is it so difficult then? I knew my mind played a big part on all this of course…

We came to this planet for a reason we don’t know, yet we decided to accept certain beliefs and create a specific reality for our own life. However, behind those beliefs and labels we use to define ourselves, there’s something undeniable: The rhythm of nature, which lies in complete silence (without words or human thoughts).

There’s no weight or burden when you live your life fully aware and without judging everything around you and within you. There’s a feeling of freedom when you don’t worry about the future; when you live in the present moment trusting the rhythm of nature; when you build the future from the present moment without anxiety or judgments. That’s what people call mindfulness or spiritual awareness these days. I have experienced this myself, but only for a limited time (unfortunately).


Author: Unknown

It is hard, at least for me… For example, I can’t believe how many doubts and fear I have when I’m on the mat. Especially since I began the yoga teacher training… I started to observe all my thoughts, my fears, and my judgments in high speed. Overwhelming! I noticed these are the same ghosts tormenting my daily life when I’m off the mat. It’s all the same. Now I feel that yoga is not only about reaching complicated postures or being able to explain them to others. It’s about sculpting your inner-self… It’s about shining as much as you’re ready to shine without judging yourself. Just give your best and keep learning from your teachers, fellows, and even family.

I can’t promise I won’t judge me or others again. I can only promise to come back to the present moment each time I find myself being mean to me or to others. I can only promise to do my best, to practice, to improve, to fall and try again until one day I can find my own wisdom and continue the journey helping others; flowing with the magnificent rhythm of nature.



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