The sun shines on everyone… It doesn’t make choices…

I’ve always believed we all deserve the same kindness and compassion, no matter what type of sorrows we have, no matter how rich we are, no matter how fortunate, famous or privileged or not privileged we are… but I’ve focused so much on giving this love away and feeling that compassion for others that oftentimes I forgot that this spiritual practice includes me, giving ME that 100% self-love I deserve (and not from an egoic point of view).

My pain is as valid as anyone’s pain or suffering (no matter the reason or circumstances behind it). There’s no shame in that… Thanks to a beautiful soul who provided me with this insight I recognised the suffering within me and decided to sit with it, no more denial… If it’s there is there, it doesn’t make me more or less than anybody, and I will continue releasing it in any necessary way by creating the space for it (maybe by doing yoga or in meditation). I will allow my body to cry for the (unintentional) lack of support I had as a child, to heal and let go of that sense of guilt for anything that happens in my life from now on. I’m responsible for myself and once I give myself the support I need, then I’ll be able to support others without any second thoughts.

I ask my divine/inner mother to be there for me, to make the yoga mat (and any place I go) a sacred place for me to pray in a whole new way. The words of my prayers don’t come from the victim in me anymore but from the heart of a human soul looking for awakening, from the heart of a little girl who used to feel weird and inadequate (when I probably was just in the wrong time and place to be properly understood). I take her hand today and with tears in my cheeks I allow her to be present without shame. I hug her and tell her:

I’m here for you to hold you in your pain, in your lack of answers to the mysteries of life and in the fear and loneliness that this not knowing brings to you. I’m here full of love and kindness, no matter how good you have forced yourself to be in order to make people love you. I don’t care about your achievements as much as others, I care about your smile, about your innocence and your special way of seeing things and questioning life in such a beautiful way. I love your light and shadow, you should love them too as they are the core of your awakening soul.

Yes, my darling YOU are special too, stop doubting it so much because you are as special as the clouds in the sky freely moving and creating shapes; coming and going like the waves of the ocean and the subtle way the sun shines on everyone, creating different shadows and reflections in the landscape but always there for everyone even behind the clouds.

You are a unique expression of the divine mother and father, the eternal I AM that we all are.


“The sun shines on everyone” The sun shines on everyone, it doesn’t make choices. When it rains it rains on everyone, it doesn’t make choices.
The One Spirit, lives in everyone, it doesn’t make choices.
We pray, we pray for everyone, we don’t make choices.
Peace to All, Life to All, Love to All,
Raam Raam Hari Raam Raam Raam Hari Raam”

Raam: Raa is sun
Ma is moon. God’s creativity.
Hari: Seed of God

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