Yoga from the heart

Are you willing to slow down and to arrive in the present moment with each cycle of the breath?

The awareness of the breath creates a door to connect with our true nature, yoga poses are merely windows.

We will be observing sensations, thoughts an emotions from the heart as we move on the mat.

The mat will become a neutral witness of our thoughts and emotions.

Anything that arises during the practice will become an analogy of our own lives. Pay attention!

We will open our heart centres to heal ourselves and expand our light.

Are you ready to use yoga as a meditation in motion?

Join me, to stretch just enough to release tension and become more aware of who we really are from the heart.

We’ll let yoga be the excuse to unveil our true nature and balance our chakras.

Is that a date?

Yes, one that repeats until we can let go of everything that no longer serve us.

The yoga instructor in me will guide both of us. Credits to Her* – not me.

Mondays 8-9pm – Contact me if you’re interested at


*I refer to Her as my true nature, inner voice, inner teacher, inner warrior, goddess, spirit, higher self or whatever you want to call it. It’s not the egotistic self or personality in me. My intention is to teach from that higher self so that you and I can practice as students even when she’s the one whispering the instructions through my voice.

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