The rules of the heart

I have never been a fan of rules. I understand that society needs them to agree on certain things for sure. However, sometimes I find myself doubting the decisions made by our leaders (especially during these Covid-19 months). Am I the only one? I don’t think so but I do know some people take these rules more seriously than others. I’m a bit of a rebel at heart. What you think about rules is very subjective but you still have to follow them in order to comply with society and do what is right for you and others.

I’ve been reflecting on this over the last few weeks… Especially after my most recent essential trip to Madrid during Irish lockdown (and people’s judgement – a story for another day). My point is that first of all we need to follow our heart’s rules. The rules speak from our soul.

Are we actually listening to our hearts?

I agree that sometimes is difficult to pay attention, we’re so distracted by our daily routines… I, for instance, being a mom, find it extremely difficult to concentrate on the whispers of my heart and soul when I have a 3-year-old demanding my full attention most of my day. I find the days are too short to dedicate more time to myself. Sometimes I miss that unrestricted me-time, but I also realise how my daughter is teaching me lessons of love, compassion and patience every day. She really amazes me. It’s just that sometimes children’s energy is so high that can make you feel overwhelmed when you want to do “grown-up” things and don’t have grandparents or family around to help out.

Back to the point of the rules we follow; I think it’s time for us to consider:

Quieting our minds a little bit more, observing our breathing while we experience deep emotions and asking ourselves meaningful questions: Who is behind the thoughts and emotions? Who is that one who observes everything in silence? Can we allow that silence to speak to us?

Love and light.

Lady Nina


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