Moving from the heart

I had heard about the power of the heart so many times, but to be honest I think I had never truly understood what this force really means. I’ve been contemplating this concept very deeply over the last few days – It’s not a coincidence that I’m receiving the “new” year with so much more clarity from my heart. This morning, after a mindful walking I looked up to the sky and saw some clouds forming the shape of a heart (see image above). What better confirmation of this awakening synchronicity huh?

When I look within myself I see sadness and fear against the joy and wisdom of life. I need to create space to embrace them all.

I’m beginning to surrender to these yin and yang aspects of life… Connecting with gratitude from a deeper level.

When I see from my heart, I can properly take a deep breath through my nose and feel at peace.

It’s almost poetic to talk about the language of the heart because it lies in the silence and the stillness of the mind.

When I see from my heart worries and anxiety dissolve into a sense of trust because my mind doesn’t intervene.

That’s why one of my commitments this year is to live and make decisions from my heart.

To move from the heart without denying the illusory stories the mind creates to make sense of life.

Let the heart be present in your yoga practice on and off the mat.


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