The connection between beliefs and wellness

What motivates you? Is it the yearning for wellness in your life? Are your beliefs helping you achieve your goals?

According to the Global Wellness Institute, wellness is the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health. If that’s not our focus, we need to take a step back and see how are we living our lives, and if there’s anything we need to change to reach a state of well-being.

Often times we are in such a hurry doing things, that we forget to pause and observe what’s happening in our inner world. What is our body trying to tell us through pain or any type of discomfort? What is our mental and emotional state like? Sometimes these questions can scare us and we prefer the distraction of work, social media, alcohol, or even drugs. We do everything to hide from ourselves, so most of the time anxiety or depression comes in and we don’t know why. We can do mindful practices like yoga and meditation for our well-being, but can we take a % of the practice into our daily life? To me, that’s the goal. Being present will help us decide what motivates every action in our life. For example:

What motivates you to work? Do you do it just for the money? And if you do so, do you make an effort to see the positive in it and to connect with your peers from your heart? It’s either that or making the decision to look for a more fulfilling type of job, otherwise, you’ll end up frustrated and possibly victimising yourself. That’s your choice and is based on your beliefs. You can transform how you perceive any situation just by changing the judging thoughts that hold you back. And I know saying “just” makes it sound easy enough to do. That depends on what you’re willing to believe.

I want to invite you to question your beliefs, to observe, to take deep breaths throughout the day and before going to sleep. Question your beliefs and create space for silent answers to come and relieve your anxiety, depression, and/or physical pain. These issues are only tools that can help us realise our true potential.

During these strange times, we are being forced to slow down, reduce social contact, and stay at home if possible. In other words, we’re being forced to face ourselves and decide how do we want to shape our reality now that most of us can work from home. This is the perfect time to self-reflect and to ask yourself: Will you take the time to observe what motivates you and examine your beliefs? Are your beliefs blinding you or impacting your life in a negative way? If so, are you willing to make the choice to replace them? Choose wisely and the outcome will be better.

If what I believe makes me feel at peace and contributes to others around me, then it’s the right belief

Lady Jerez

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