New Class! 7 Chakras Series by Lady

I’ve always felt like an old soul living in a “young” body (what does young really mean right?). Even when I was a little girl, I’d spend time reading books, trying to find answers about the mysteries of life, and my family thought I would become a nun. Quite the opposite, although my faith was built on Catholicism, and I still believe in many of Jesus’s teachings, life has shown me the path into a deeper layer of understanding and mysticism.

It’s been amazing to help students with back issues and students in general who have resonated with my yoga teaching style in Back and Soul yoga for almost 3 years! There are so many other incredible yoga instructors out there and I feel really honored to count with a group of students who join me on the mat regularly and even online. So I’ve decided to continue teaching under the same principles but I’ll start incorporating a little bit more of Yin yoga through my new yoga classes: The 7 Chakras Series. Subscribe here:

I will record each class every Monday at 20:30 (BST) and host the session LIVE so that you can join me at that time or watch the video at your convenience later via Youtube. Editing the videos takes time but it’s worth it for those who can’t make it in time to the LIVE classes. I’d like to thank you so much for even considering joining this new yoga theme.

This is a call from my soul wanting to emphasise the importance of the practice beyond the physical realms. We hear so many things about the chakras but how can we incorporate them into our yoga practice. The chakras are energetic expressions of our endocrine system helping us have a better hormonal balance and achieve wellness in many areas of your life.

Are you curious about how these chakras can be part of your yoga practice and how to keep them in balance?

Contact me at to book your place. Starting date: 15th June. Thank you very much and namaste.

Donation based via Paypal or cash. Free if you’re facing difficult circumstances.

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