Sometimes I feel like C.R.A.P (Crying Roaring And Puzzling)

This acronym (C.R.A.P) doesn’t make much sense, but it does! Sometimes we’re feeling and thinking too much, and we need to give ourselves the time to slow down and come back to a neutral space within ourselves. But first, you need to let it all out. Drain that energy, right?

How often do you feel fearful or anxious? I’m a yoga instructor, and I can tell you, I’ve felt like that a lot of times! I still do! That’s why I decided to study and practice more yoga. However, becoming a yoga instructor didn’t make me a saint or buddha lol. I still feel these emotions. I still want to cry (mostly at night) or argue about things. I’m a rollercoaster of emotions, but my main tool to cope with daily life challenges is yoga: coming back to my breath, my mindful and slow movements. I use what I’ve learned to calm down, to reassure myself over and over that everything is or at least will be ok!

I’m a mom, and if you’re a parent you know these toxic emotions build up even more when you’re responsible for a small human being (or toddler)! Of course, even if you’re not a parent, you will face the same emotions one way or the other. Sometimes you feel you’re losing control, and sometimes that’s when you need to go with the flow and TRUST your inner wisdom and the wisdom of the universe. Let things go when they have to!

I want to invite you to slow down, to use your worries as an excuse to observe your mind and your breath. Which one gives you more peace? I’m sure it’s your breath! When you bring your awareness to your breath, your mind fights a little (or a lot) at the beginning. Let the thoughts come in and then let them go focusing on the movement of the body produced by your breath. Slow down and ground down your body, then your mind will follow. This really works, and it’s even better if you practice this relaxation technique every day or before any kind of activity or situation you need to experience. This is one of the many things we do in yoga. Getting to know the power of our breath to cope with all that C.R.A.P.

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