Life, can I trust you?

-Life, can I trust you?- I enquired… I couldn’t hear any voice replying but my own: -Yes, you can trust her.- Then I had a sensation of fear. Why do I fear you, life? Why do I get that feeling that something can go wrong at any time even when everything seems to be going well? -Life, can I really trust you?- A moment of silence, and between panic and certainty I could hear myself replying again: -Yes, you can trust her.-

I saw nature around me and I started thinking about the animal kingdom and how dangerous it is for animals that are living in the wild. They have good reasons to fear when other animals (and humans if it’s not all the same…) are hunting them most of the time… However, all that happens for a good reason. It’s a matter of survival and nature cycles. Then I thought about humanity and all the poverty and violence that we have generated among us for no good reason… I spot the fear again.

-Life, can I trust you for real? I could only hear my breath this time… I continue observing my breath. Then, I realised something: As long as I continue breathing deeply and mindfully most of the time I can trust life. This is my life force. It is your life force. It is our life force. It is the only thing that matters. It is the only guide you and I have in this human world.

I concentrate on the breath and become more aware of my inner and outer world. I can start doing it on my yoga mat, but the key is to get that done off the mat as well. The practice on your mat is the first door to a much meaningful and personal practice of mindfulness and spirituality, whatever that means to you. Just double check who is really answering the question we all ask at some point (even subconsciously): Life, can I trust you?

The answer to my question could only have two answers, one from fear and one from the breath. Which one do YOU choose?

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