The storytelling of yoga

When I began the yoga teacher training in October 2016 I never imaged that 3 months later I would be doing yoga as a pregnant lady. This new role started about 5 months ago and I’m embracing it with all my heart at this point (almost finishing my training to get certified). However, during the first 3 months of pregnancy, my yoga practice and perspective of life took a spin. I wasn’t sure if I was the same anymore, my mind and emotions were a roller coaster and the philosophy (not religion) of yoga started to dig deep into my life.

The teachings of yoga have always been sacred to me, but this time the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita made me realise how attached I have been to the fruits of my actions (apparently, that’s a human tendency that we all need to overcome). In this case, my yoga training was a desire I have had for many years. And when I made it happen, feeling ready to understand more about yoga, get stronger and reach all the poses I couldn’t reach yet, so I could be a good teacher, then I got pregnant. The maternity dream was supposed to happen in 2018 or *only* when I was ready (as I asked the universe years ago). Maybe it is true that you never feel ready, but when you are ready you are, even if you don’t recognise it.

Since that happened, my practice shifted as well as the direction of my movements. I have been learning how to incorporate variations to my own practice keeping in mind the alignment that my students should incorporate when I’m teaching. I still need to show them the “regular” way of doing hatha yoga. The truth is, I couldn’t get stronger or take advantage of my level of flexibility to reach new poses. However, now I understand that being a good teacher goes beyond stereotypes. I have learned so much about yoga during these 9 months. I got “yoga pregnant” in October 2016, and now a baby is growing inside of me as well. This baby is doing yoga from the womb. Soon I will be a mum and hopefully, a certified yoga teacher. What an honour the universe has given me!


Teaching yoga is like storytelling, you are not there to show off your skills or to work on your own practice alone. You are there to serve, to provide guidance. You learn how your body alignment works in connexion with the action and stillness of the muscles and bones. You help your students to explore the engagement and the softness of each pose (physically, mentally and sometimes even emotionally). Of course, you need to be a good example for them. You need to overcome your fears of failure. And your teaching skills should reflect your own practice. However, yoga poses will look so different from person to person. What matters the most is the yoga experience itself, which will contribute to your well-being among other positive effects in your life.

How beautiful it is to connect with your body the way yoga encourages you to do. That’s why I believe a good yoga teacher tells you the story they see behind each yoga pose. There are as many types of yoga classes as types of yoga teachers out there. Each of us will always bring our own essence to the room, and that itself is an honour for all of us.

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