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What is Yoga? A single word with many meanings. Most of the time the main meaning is related to the physical practice in which you should reach an optimal shape in “perfect” alignment, being strong and flexible enough to hold it in pure calm for many breaths as possible (without mentioning Kundalini Yoga energising techniques here). In any case, a yoga class is usually formed by yoga asanas or poses, and it’s important to know that a sequence of yoga asanas can help you connect with your physical body and improve your wellbeing. However, does this happen only on a physical level? In fact, the philosophy behind yoga has different levels of practice. You will uncover them at your own pace under your own focus and perspective (hopefully guided by a teacher). Not everybody will discover the same things, but there are some similarities. Feel free to Read more about the 3 stages I found out in my own yoga practice.


REMEMBER: The shape you can make with your body
is not as important as the shape of your thoughts
and emotions on and off the mat. Asanas can
become an active state of meditation.
This is also called Yoga.


We all want to be happy no matter what right? I have heard this phrase so many times: Happiness is not the goal, it is the path. And I believe the same happens with yoga. When you practice yoga asanas (even if they don’t look “perfect”) you can have fun if you allow yourself to feel that way, and you also receive many other of its benefits… but there’s always another level to reach.

However, if we really pay attention to the philosophy of yoga, we will realise that what matters the most it’s the experience of exploring our own bodies as temples of our divine energy or soul; getting to know ourselves on a deeper level beyond the mat.

To me, yoga is not the same without meditation. That’s why I always connect better with yoga teachers who include this into their classes, considering the way they speak and move while guiding you. That’s the teacher I want to be, and the teacher I probably am deep inside.

To me, meditation has to be a complementary part of yoga. When you start observing your thoughts and realising you’re not them, you start thinking: Where are they coming from? Can you get rid of them? That’s when the journey begins, and perhaps never ends. I believe we come to this world to learn who we really are and how to treat ourselves to reach our highest potential. We need to explore our emotions and thoughts all the time. The mystery of life surrounds us every moment of our lives, even when we’re distracted by our job, family or even inner criticism. Life was provided to us. It’s our responsibility to open our hearts and let the seed of the universe grow into the beautiful tree we already are. Yoga Asanas invite us to contemplate this by

Yoga Asanas invite us to contemplate these aspects by first anchoring our feet, observing our breathing and exploring the way our body machine works for us. Our physical body needs the same daily attention as our mind, emotions and soul.

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