4 tips to wash your hair like a modern yogi

I used to hate routines, nowadays I’m thriving in them. It might have happened since I became a mom (and a certified yogi) a few years ago. As a mom, I’ve had to constantly find routines that would suit my little one while still having some me-time.

I basically use my skin/hair-care routine to take care of myself as much as I take care of my daughter. I like to create spaces for me to be present (on and off the mat). For instance, I truly believe that taking mindful showers can help you.

The idea is to take those minutes to breathe deeply and visualise cleansing your physical, mental and emotional body. It’s the intention that matters after all.

When using shampoos, conditioners or masques, you know you need to wait a few minutes before washing off the product. So, why don’t we use this time to practice these 4 mindfulness tips to wash your hair like a yogi:

Close your eyes and allow ourselves to become more present.

Become aware of the sensations in the body and the temperature of the room felt by your skin.

Concentrate on smelling the aromas from the products* you’re applying.

Breathe deeply and ask for divine guidance and awakening of your intuition.

Our minds are so hectic that sometimes we forget to slow down even when we’re showering!

From now on, can you set the intention to slow down your mind a bit during your personal hygiene routine? Even if you feel you’re too busy to do it, I’m sure this time can work in your favour.

I hope the answer is YES (in capital letters) and if you’d like to try Monat’s hair care products please take the test to find out your hair type here.

If you’re not interested in trying them out hopefully you’re aiming to *use handmade, or at least vegan and cruelty-free products!

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