Listening to the whispers of the soul

Sometimes I need silence, just to be present, feeling my body and emotions while I breathe and stay still on my yoga mat.

Sometimes the thoughts are just noise from my ego trying to explain how I feel and creating new problems to solve.

I also ask big questions: What is my purpose? Is there any profound meaning in all this? How can I be of service?

I suppose I just want to make sure I’m following my IKIGAI* (my reason for Being).

And despite all my worries about the future, and the nostalgia about the past, I always find myself Here and Now.

I recognise authentic freedom only during mindful present moments, like the author Eckhart Tolle taught me years ago.

Then I start asking questions again… What makes my heart spark? What can I achieve?

My soul whispers: Whatever you want. You deserve everything.

It’s only through creativity that I start adding more meaning to my life.

And even when I’m alone I don’t feel lonely because I’m mindful and I have ME (the soul that I AM).

I want to do what I love, share it with others and be open to receive without fear.

My soul likes whispering so I need to create the space to listen and let her guide me.

I’m ready to learn more and to let go of what is no longer serving me…

What about you?

*Ikigai, a book I strongly recommend reading, by Hector and Francesc Miralles

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