The battle against anxiety – by being kind and patient

Anxiety: The fear that can only be transcended by ourselves… As adults we are used to this… we know we have to take responsibility for everything in our lives, even when it’s scary. However, babies/children also experience this strong emotional response to the world on many different levels. We, adults count with a good therapist (or friend, hopefully) to support us while overcoming these fears in our daily lives. As parents, we need to provide a stronger, more direct support to our little ones. But what happens when their fears/anxieties seem impossible to dissipate? when not even holding or hugging our kids make them feel better? What happens when gentle discipline doesn’t seem enough?

If they have a strong temperament and on top of that they are highly sensitive, things become harder. I have had to deal with this situation for a good while now because that’s exactly how my little one tends to feel. She gets overwhelmed and very anxious about strangers and unexpected situations in her life, even when I am with her the whole time. Although I know it’s just a phase, it’s still very hard for both of us to manage our emotions. I can only thank yoga for being my main tool in motherhood.

It’s ironic because I spent my whole pregnancy doing my yoga teacher training, so everybody would have imagined my little girl was going to come out all Zen. Big NO. However, when we’re no facing strangers she is the sweetest baby girl I must say 🙂 I oftentimes believe I had to do that yoga training in order to be a better mom and know how to be more patient and kind. Otherwise, I don’t know how I would have had to cope with her sensitivities. I love her so much, and I am learning a lot from her, so I can only thank her. She makes me recognise how patient + strong I am… and how much unconditional love I have to give. Also, she’s a brilliant little yogi. I am so proud of her. It’s just that sometimes she pushes the right bottoms to test my patience and makes me reflect even more upon anxiety.

As a yoga teacher and mom, I am willing to keep fighting the battle against anxiety and the illusion of not feeling safe and supported the way we all are supposed to feel. That’s my mission at heart. Would you join this loving battle?


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