Who is that Lady called Lady? That’s me, Lady Nina or Yanina!

What I am is still unprecise as we are always changing. We just play the roles we choose in our society. We play -pretend- since we are kids, so we have to follow along. But what I really am (and you are) can’t be expressed in words really. That presence can only be felt, in my case, when I teach yoga in a quiet room filled with lovely musical tones and a bunch of committed ladies practicing with me; or when I write a post and nobody is around me, only my breath and my body grounding down to the earth.

However, if I want to get technical about who I am I must start by saying I am a mom, a digital fundraiser, a yoga instructor, a woman looking for personal growth and spiritual awakening. I have so many roles in my life right now that sometimes I feel overwhelmed with a lot of emotions to handle on a daily basis.

I usually have long to-do lists from each role I play, and I get exhausted like anybody else at the end of the day… but sometimes (or most of the time) I choose to extend my me-time for a bit longer going to bed later than I should.

I like to cook and eat healthy foods, but I don’t always comply with my own rules. I love reading books, watching TV shows or GAIA episodes, practicing yoga on my mat or on the carpet in my bedroom, etc.

I also want to learn more about photography, pivot tables, writing, business management, yoga teaching techniques, and so much more… I tend to be multifaceted as you can see, but my me-time is very restricted so I do what I can with it, adding that extra stretch, that extra cup of coffee and glass of wine 😉

According to Ayurveda I am a Vata-Pitta dosha, which means my primarily constitution element is air. However, fire is what keeps me passionate and committed to my teaching and learning journey.

I am originally from Caracas, Venezuela, although most of my family is Colombian really. I have been living in Ireland for more than 6 years… and I’m not sure if I’m ever moving back to South America. I have a 2-year-old daughter who is starting to learn how to let go of her separation anxiety and strong emotions without denying them. She has been making good progress on that actually, and I’m so proud of her because even as adults, handling strong emotions is so difficult – My husband and I make a great team as a couple and as parents facing different challenges; we’re always learning better ways to do things for her.

My major goal in life is to help people take care of themselves. That’s why I chose to become a yoga instructor. Yoga creates that space for everyone, not only to stretch but to sit with their emotions, to be aware of their feelings and what they really are; to slow down and let go of those toxic patterns of fear and self-judgment in our lives. Only then is when we realise they are just illusions of the mind; and the only way to remember that (for me and for many) is to keep showing up on that mat, listening to that inner silence that manifests through the breath. As I memorise the sensations arising during my practice, all the -I am this or that- labels suddenly start disappearing and take less importance.

If you want to join my next yoga term in Dublin please contact me via Facebook – Lady Yoga Flow

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