Is being mindful enough?

This morning everything seemed a little bit different. It was a new busy day as usual, but I noticed how interesting it was to be able to decide where to focus my mind on that specific moment. It was a moment of being ‘here and now’ that suddenly had become something else, but again and again, it was always ‘here and now’. This made me think about how mindfulness can affect our lives. Then I remembered the points Eckhart Tolle (famous author everyone must know about!) reminds us over and over in all his books and speaks about mindfulness… But is mindfulness enough? I wondered…

Is it possible that we become mindful and still express ourselves from our ego/mind or basic human programming?

After reflecting upon this, I realised it is possible to continue being egotistically mindful… So we gotta be careful…What’s the point of practicing mindfulness then? We gotta use this skill for a better purpose. I think, once we start observing our thoughts and actions mindfully during any situation, then our mind is in constant training, therefore we can decide to make a change to overcome the ego/mind and those things that keep us connected to negative or vicious patterns.

To me, mindfulness is only the beginning of a long path… So we can be aware and vigilant of what is happening ‘here and now’. However, mindfulness really makes sense to me when we recognise who we really are in the middle of a crisis. When we see ourselves beyond any thoughts and roles played in society; when we love ourselves and those around us; when we are committed to change those negative patterns and forgive ourselves for having them in the first place; when we decide to outgrow and stop judging people; when we begin to be kind and honest with ourselves and others; when we forgive our mistakes and focus on learning the most important lessons of life; when we follow our philosophy from an ethical, moral and spiritual perspective; when we observe and decide to do better without competing; when we want to reach our soul’s wishes…

You can practice mindfulness any time of the day, and of course, it’s wonderful doing it during a yoga class… but let’s remember the highest purpose of mindfulness once more, and do our best one day at a time. After all, mindfulness is only one step towards an incredible path of spiritual awakening.


15-minute audio recorded by Lady Jerez

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