Parenting, yoga and mindfulness

This post is about the challenges of motherhood without family support, being a woman, awareness, and spiritual evolution.

I became a mom 7 months ago. I am parenting now, and it was true what I had heard about motherhood; life is not exactly the same as before. I’ve changed. I’ve found another type of strength I didn’t know I had. I also found another type of love, so immense that sometimes it scares me!

The female power is truly amazing. There are many challenges in motherhood but as a woman, you realise you can do it all, in despite of all doubts and fears. Yes, it’s a huge responsibility. Sometimes, you get to feel a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. This little human being is capable of showing you the brightest but also the darkest sides of yourself. There’s no manual and you need to follow your female intuition or simply guess. You need to try the wrong answers before you can really understand the right approach to your baby’s needs (like anything in life right?).

Sometimes you feel defeated. Sometimes there’s no time for yourself, and then you must find ways to recover a little bit of that me-time, not to mention the couple’s time. You must take care of a child while you take care of yourself as a woman as well. And when there’s no family around you, the challenge increases, only you and your partner can take full responsibility for that little human being in need of attention, nurture, and love. It is difficult but not impossible.

I use yoga as an awareness tool even when I am busy with my baby. When I move my body mindfully, I connect with my breath. I remember that being here and now is a blessing. This awareness is very important because it stops me from the need of thinking too much about the past or the future. When I feel that anxiety for whatever reason, I do my best to connect again with my breath, I put some positive music on, I listen to a wellness podcast, I connect with my spiritual side, I try to talk to friends and family abroad, and stay mindful as much as I can. Concentration is key. When you focus your attention on something, you become that same thing. The good news is, we have the power of choosing!

I’m here to tell you, you can also choose the best for your body and mind (being a parent or not). Pick a tool, it can be yoga, taichi, meditation, whatever connects you to your higher self. And above all, build faith in the spiritual world. It doesn’t have to be through any religion. Find your own grounding point and connection with your own spirit guides. Appreciate your body as your soul’s temple. Be kind to you and to others. And even if you need to cry from time to time, do it, because that will help you release any blockages that could cause any type of illness in your body. We are not here to be perfect, but we need to remember what we truly are and find our way back home.

This week’s mantra: I’m strong! I can do this and I will keep choosing what makes my soul smile! 

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