The Flow of Life

Sometimes I think people like to be busy and even worried… Of course, we don’t do this on purpose, but I’ve realised that we (humans) tend to find problems in everything around us (to keep us busy in a weird way). Sometimes they are real obstacles, sometimes they have been exaggerated by our own minds. These challenges made our lives, and we should be used to them! On the contrary, it seems normal to complain about things, sometimes even a sad hope is part of the drama.

However, I believe this is normal, we’re learning how life works; why are we here; what’s our real life purpose. All these questions are overwhelming, so we stick to worry about the things we plan at home or at work (to begin with something). The funny thing is, these worries don’t help at all, but they’re part of our emotional responses as human beings, so we got to observe them and learn how to deal with them every day.


Constructing perfect relationships is a struggle, controlling our emotions too, and contacting our inner-self seems too abstract for almost every one of us. People find distractions to these personal and spiritual problems by drinking a lot of alcohol, watching too many movies, eating too much, and “being too busy”. Once again, I think this is normal. However, only when we find silence within ourselves and pause these distractions for a while, we can start seeing the big picture. Yoga has taught me that, but this is something people explore through different paths, all leading to the same: Understanding the flow of life within us.

Yoga is one of those paths. It’s a path that invites you to connect with your breathing, your thoughts and emotions while you’re on a mat exploring the WHO of who you are.

This year, my inner yoga teacher feels ready to guide people on this path, and show them the way I use yoga to connect to my inner-self; to work out my physical body; and also, to observe the flow of life during this marvellous practice.


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