Owning Your Right to be Happy

We’re always looking for ways to be happy or at least to feel at ease. I believe we just want to achieve wellness in all aspects of our life, we have just forgotten how to do that. How did this happen? Don’t ask me… there are many conspiracy theories, but that’s not the point, is it? Maybe our brains have been programmed by society to feel fear instead of peace. Our beliefs about who we are can affect us profoundly. We’re exploring what’s like to be human beings (happy ones, preferably). That’s my case anyway, and I believe others are pursuing the same goal.

The problem, to me, starts when you let your beliefs guide you without questioning them. Where are these beliefs really coming from? Can you trust them blindly? I don’t know for certain, but I chose to believe something now: Your beliefs create your own reality. Every perception you have is based on what you believe, whether because someone told you or simply for lack of knowledge. (Took me a while to understand that it’s our responsibility to pay attention to what we think and what we feel, otherwise we could lose control over our own life). Then emotions rise to the surface and your body/mind become a mess. Sounds familiar?

Thoughts are brilliant, they build our system of beliefs and model our society and communities. They can help us but also hurts us. What do you choose to believe? I ask myself all the time… I like to defend my truth, but every truth can be debated, at least on the level of consciousness that we are right now. That’s why I think our human truths are not so important after all. Especially when you compare them to the wisdom of the universe and its magic presence all around us (and within us). How could we forget about it so easily? I wonder… The universe provided us with an amazing set to play our human life. We create personal stories to learn and evolve as cosmic particles of this galaxy (even without realising it).

Some of us have forgotten who we really are, but we’re finding our way back home. We’re questioning ourselves. experiencing the distractions of daily life with more awareness and sympathy than before. We’re interested in improving our diet. Wellness, mindfulness and meditation are becoming more popular nowadays.

Yoga has become one of the paths to achieve this level of consciousness and spiritual growth. It’s not just about exercising to look good but to feel good from inside out. It’s a matter of knowing ourselves, experiencing our own body and range of motion before going deeper. To me, yoga became that reminder to experience the force of life within me, to explore how does it feel to be in this body that nature provided for me. Am I taking good care of it? Am I honouring who I am from inside out? I wasn’t doing it for a long time. Now I can see it a little bit more clear. Whatever nature gives us is a gift – even if it’s just the fact that we can breathe effortlessly. We can choose to believe so or not. I believe so, and I feel it with all my heart (because that belief brings me the wellness that I’ve always pursued, and I want to let others know they can find it too). Each day more people decide to believe this, and at some point, this truth will become our global reality.
Life happens in mysterious ways. At this moment of my life, I feel the power of creation within me, even if I don’t know how does it work. I believe that life it’s amazing, even when it hurts… because it’s the only way to show us how amazing is to feel good and to become better and stronger beings. That’s how we own our right to be happy. Doing what we love and helping others to find their own way. That’s why I decided to become a yoga teacher. Doing exercise and applying relaxation techniques are just doors to a bigger experience about the meaning of life. You can choose your own doors, you can choose your own beliefs (witnessing happiness and sadness pass by while you breathe consciously – so easy and complicated at the same time). I just like to make you think about it… if you let me. We’re all in this together 🙂


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