BALANCE, Yoga Practice Off The Mat! [Part 1]

To me, balance is one of the most difficult things to achieve. For example, when you want to change your lifestyle, and support sustainability, you need to spend more time trying to buy products and services that adjust to your new eco-friendly ideas and needs. This might mean buying more organic, eco-friendly products or handmade accessories. However, I wonder, can you really achieve this 100% of the time? Should you feel ashamed when you can’t accomplish it all the time?

This is the journey I’m transiting at the moment. To be honest, most of the time I can’t reach the level of support I’d like to give to the trends I’m starting to follow and promote. I just want to share my thoughts and learning process about this new interesting path, and see what I can achieve from it.

This weekend I did my weekly shopping at Tesco and even though I wanted to buy organic products I noticed most of them have packages that can’t be recycled! Can’t you believe that? So, it’s a bit ironic… I ended up buying some of the other products that weren’t organic but didn’t have the non-recyclable plastic package. How can I keep the balance there? Well, maybe I’ll buy 50% organic and 50% non-organic. I’m still figuring this out, but I told myself not to worry about it. This is another yoga practice off the mat (there are so many!).

There are similar situations, like buying clothing or furniture. That’s why I really like The Rediscovery Centre project in Dublin. Sometimes you can’t avoid buying products that are not eco-friendly, but at least you can reuse them in other ways, the idea is to avoid generating waste material so often. This project inspired me to buy a sewing machine so I can contribute a little bit more. Although I know I won’t be able to amend or reuse everything, some things will end up in the bin… but at least I’ll make my effort to reduce the amount of waste as much as I can.


So that’s it… BALANCE. You do what you can do to master a balanced life! Sometimes you won’t have the time or the easiness to make eco-friendly decisions but you can compensate that in other occasions.

What happens when you want to become a vegan to prevent animal cruelty? I think our society is not yet 100% prepare to become vegan (although there are many who already are), but we can reduce animal meat consumption until one day we don’t feel the need of eating red meat or even cheese (which I can’t deny I enjoy a lot). Meanwhile, I think we need to find the right balance. Do our best to have a healthy diet and allow ourselves to work towards the balance we need in every aspect of our life.

It’s time to do yoga off the mat and find the balance and flexibility we need to be happy!

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