Calm Your Monkey Mind & Find Your Life Purpose

Do we need a life purpose to live in peace and joy?

I do think we need a personal purpose to feel happy and to be able to get up every morning and do our best. However, I know that sometimes we feel sad and anxious about things we can’t control. That’s why it’s important to live the present (in harmony) and plan our future without worrying too much about it. We need to perceive everything as a gift so we can appreciate it. There’s a subtle force within us and around everything that we need to learn to trust and listen to… However, knowing this doesn’t mean we can achieve it so easily!

I’m still learning how to do that and that’s why I write, so I won’t forget what my inner self is trying to tell me. I recently receive a healing session (Reiki) by Susan Mc Cann in Baldoyle, Dublin and I must say I’m amazed by the power of energy and her channelling skills. Susan is so kind and can also help you see things from another perspective. The holistic world is immense and I feel that is becoming part of my life purpose.


It’s difficult to choose a purpose in life when there’s so much information to process every day, especially when you have easy access to the internet. We still need money to survive, possessions and holidays to feel that we’ve been rewarded, etc. However, I wonder what about our daily life? Are we too busy or distracted doing our jobs without having a deep sense of meaning every moment? What would happen if we didn’t have to work anymore? What if money weren’t necessary to survive? The point of these questions came to me so I could realise that we’re used to be busy, distracted, active, etc… and that’s why we find so hard to connect with our inner self. Our mind wanders in the outside world all the time. Yoga has taught me that… and I’m on a journey to find out what happens when you go the other way around.


Can you stay in silence for at least 10 minutes without thinking or feeling you have something else to do? I mean, can you really do that? Can you observe your own thoughts coming even when you said you didn’t want to think about anything? Can you tell them to go away without falling asleep? Who is in charge? Your mind or you? Can you notice the difference?

This Buddhist monk explains the first step towards meditation in 1 minute. I find it very useful and similar to the meditation exercises we do after a full yoga practice.

This is just the beginning of a long journey for me. Meditation can go so much further than this, but my monkey mind is still in training! First steps are always necessary.

Hope you find this information useful to calm your own monkey mind 😉
Tell me if it does!


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