What does it all mean?

Cook dinner, serve, eat, enjoy and repeat 3 times a day (if possible)
Stay warm, take care of your body, paint your nails or your house
Go for a walk, see the scenery, breathe, exercise, stretch, just move
Read a book, watch a movie, find some inspiration
Notice if you are present enough
Exercise, stretch, just move in any way you like
What does it all mean?
Maybe you prefer a distraction, maybe not being present makes you forget
Experiences, dramas, frustrations, happy endings and uncertainties
Help your family, help a stranger, but then remember to help yourself before
The story keeps going, it doesn’t wait for you
You become an observer and protagonist of your own story
You go to work, share your talents with the world, be with your friends
Go study, to travel, to achieve something, become “someone”
What does it all mean?
Can you breathe and make each mindful breath enough?
Sometimes we might need all that drama to feel alive
After all, things might not mean anything (or everything?)
After all, life is uncertain and our efforts to control our reality are only an illusion
We find comfort believing we can control things when in fact, we surf life
The waves are there, we just choose which side of the coast to approach
We live, sometimes survive, sometimes fail, sometimes succeed
The external world reflects our inner world and somehow, we don’t understand why
After all, life is a beautiful and nostalgic miracle to experience with your body, mind and soul
What does it all mean to you?

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