Yoga to connect with your inner-child

A child looks you in the eye with wonder, they cry, they laugh, they yell… Children are noisy creatures full of energy. Most of the time, adults can’t keep up. We forgot we have been there. I believe sharing moments with children helps us to remember how it was to be a child and maybe find that energy still somewhere within us. It’s important to use these moments to reconnect with our inner-child from time to time. If you are a mom, this is something you must do to bond with your children.

As a mom, I am learning a lot while raising my 1-year-old daughter. I need to be honest and be aware of my emotions. I got times where I am feeling so vulnerable, overtired, angry, sad or everything at once. However, I notice how these are only sensations and mental states that will go away to be replaced by a cute little smile and a big hug full of innocence in front of me. But I have to allow myself to feel vulnerable. Nothing is permanent.

 That’s why I always come back to my yoga mat, to remember who I really am. To focus on my breath, to be myself and notice my inner-child. What do I need? What can I do to be more kind to myself?

Time to enjoy life as it is without forgetting we are also allowed to feel sad and angry at times, we just need to transform that energy and come back to our centre and our mindful breaths, like we always do when practicing yoga poses (asanas).

What about you? Are you finding the time to connect with your inner-child?

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