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  • The amount you’re paying for this yoga term (or online yoga allows you to attend to a specific number of classes within a period of time. If you miss one or more classes within the selected yoga term, you won’t get a refund or be able to transfer those classes to the next term unless you have previously agreed so with the teacher.
  • By choosing to participate in these yoga classes you voluntarily assume a certain risk of injury. The following guidelines will help you reduce your risk of injury:
Listen to and follow my instructions carefully. Breathe smoothly and continuously as you move and stretch. Do not hold your breath or strain to attain any position. Work gently, respecting your body’s abilities and limitations. Don’t perform postures or movements that are painful. Ask me if you are unsure how to perform a certain movement.
Lady Nina Jerez
  • By enrolling in this course and making your payment, you hereby release Lady from any and all liability for injuries that are not directly and proximately caused by professional negligence.
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